The Ramzi Theory

ramzi theory method

The Ramzi theory originated from Dr Ismail Ramzi. Dr Ramzi conducted a study by locating the Chorionic Villi (the location of the future placenta). The placenta forms close to 9 weeks. Before then it is the ‘Chorionic Villi’. The Chorionic Villi was the marker for fetus gender determination. Ultrasound scans within weeks five to eight gestation can be done both transvaginal and abdominal. Known as an early gender scan. The scan MUST be in true transverse view to locate the placenta, and not sagital view. if your unsure please ask your sonographer at the time of your examination. A common misconception regarding the Ramzi method is the baby location. This method is not about baby location inside the uterus, its the placenta bulk either to the right or left that matters.

Ramzi Theory Accuracy

Many argue the inconsistency with the Ramzi Theory. This is due to the lack of understanding on how to read the ultrasound scan. There is NO mirror image or flipping of the image. This is why many mistakes happen using the Ramzi theory. If you are unsure ask the ultrasound technician / sonographer when having your examination which side the placenta is on. He or she MUST scan in a true tranverse view to locate the placenta. Looking at the placenta in a sagital view will not work in order to determine the gender of the baby. Many technicians are not familiar with this method so asking them for the placenta / Chorionic Villi sidedness will help you to read the scan and interpret the Ramzi theory.

The Placenta forms close to 9 weeks gestation. Any gender scan dated 5,6,7 and 8 weeks gestation will need to have the Chorionic Villi located. The sonographer will be confirming pregnancy and so the Ramzi theory will not be on their agenda. Therefore ask them to follow the Chorionic Villi (the future placenta). This must be done with colour flow, The colour flow will be directed to the right or the left in a true transverse section.

Once the basics of the Ramzi method are met, the accuracy of the Ramzi study becomes much clearer. Dr Ramzi correctly predicts the fetus gender in 97.2% of males and 97.5% of females early in the first trimester.

Female Gender: Left Side Placenta Location

ramzi theory method female fetus

Image 2: Shows six week fetus with left Chorionic blood flow. Confirmed Female at birth.

Male Gender: Right Side Placenta Location

ramzi theory method male fetus

Image 3: Shows the colour flow from the right to the 6 week old fetus. This was proven male at birth.

If your scan is past 8 weeks then the Nub theory may be more suited for your gender prediction.

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